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Take a Breather

What is Take A Breather?

The Lung Association invites you to Take A Breather, a corporate wellness program that channels the power of breathing to improve employee health and wellness. Through Take A Breather, we will deliver a transforming experience for your company – you will create incredible impact.


Why Take A Breather?

Breathe life into your corporate culture

  • Activate health and wellness and fundraising initiatives
  • Create work-life balance with our industry-leading resources

See an increase in Productivity

  • Smoking-cessation: less cigarette breaks, more time for wellness
  • Manage stress: clear minds, boost creativity, increase results

Empowering Leadership Development

  • Goal-setting – planning – execution
  • Promote collaboration and teamwork

Create Impact on a vital mission

  • Your employees and their loved ones will thank you
  • Fund breathing breakthroughs – help Canadians breathe


Our Breathing Reality

Breathing makes us stronger – it is the life force that gives us energy. We take an average 22,000 a day, mostly unconsciously.

For the 1 in 5 Canadians with lung disease, the breathing reality is much different, and the threat is increasing. We simply can’t take breathing for granted any longer.

Tap into our expertise in air quality, lung disease prevention and management, and healthy breathing habits to give your employees the tools they need to breathe.

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