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Educational Partnership Opportunities

DESPITE THE PROMISE that the many advances in lung health represent, there remain significant challenges and barriers that need to be addressed. There continues to be a lack of knowledge and understanding around available treatment options, preventative and management strategies, and early diagnosis.

The Lung Association aims to close the gaps that exist in lung disease prevention, management, and treatment through various educational and awareness campaigns. We continue our efforts in providing patients with the needed knowledge and supports to breathe with ease.

Educational partnership opportunities include:

  • Asthma: helping Canadians take control of their breathing
  • COPD: Helping the missing million
  • IPF: Improving diagnosis through education and awareness
  • Lung Cancer: closing the gaps in lung cancer care
  • Smoking cessation – It’s time to Quit
  • Patients First: ensuring all Ontarians have equitable access to the supports and treatments

We invite you to explore further opportunities that will raise awareness on emerging issues in lung health and continue working towards improving patient outcomes. Please contact Daniella Shurgold at dshurgold@lungontario.ca to learn more.