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Youth Advocacy

As history has taught us, young people are the ones who ignite change. They are the ones who question the status quo and imagine how things could be done differently, turning their passion into action. The Lung Association is working to engage these powerful youth around the important issue of tobacco use. It is with their leadership that we can make great strides in reducing the amount of young people who smoke.

Youth Advocacy Training Institute

YOUTH ENGAGEMENT is at the core of the work we do at the Youth Advocacy Training Institute. As a result, our programs are created for and by young people (12-29). Learn more about how we’re advocating for positive change across Ontario.


Smoke-Free Movies

THE RESEARCH IS CLEAR: the more kids see smoking in movies, the more likely they are to start. Despite this fact, 86% of movies that show tobacco are rated for a young audience. Learn more about how we’re trying to change the story.