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Our Successes

The Lung Association – Ontario is an advocate for your right to breathe.

More than 2.8 million Ontarians struggle to breathe and as a patient advocate Association, we advocate on your behalf to all three levels of legislative government on steps they can take to better protect your lung health.

Our success

Through our advocacy efforts we have had some tremendous success in protecting your lung health:

    • Ryan’s Law was passed into law in 2015. It allows a student to carry his/her own asthma medication with his/her parent’s or guardian’s permission.
    • Ending coal fired generation in Ontario. In 2014 The Lung Association – Ontario stood proudly with Premier Kathleen Wynne and Hon. Glenn Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, to announce a ban on coal-fired electricity generation in the province – a first in North America and a significant step in ensuring we have clean air to breathe.
    • Banning smoking in vehicles when a child under the age of 16 is present through legislation introduced in 2008 by the Ontario government. The bill, which is an amendment to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, prohibited smoking in vehicles with a proposed fine of $250. The Lung Association – Ontario was a leader behind the bill’s adoption and we applaud the efforts to ensure the safety and health of Ontario’s youth from the harmful effects of tobacco.

But we aren’t stopping here. There is much more to do to ensure Ontario is the best place to breathe.