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Between pathogens and allergens, contaminants and irritants, our poor lungs are under constant siege. If we want to see a world where everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs, we need to gather an unstoppable force of determined advocates. Help us light a fire under policy makers to ensure that lung health is made a top priority and given the funding it deserves. By signing petitions, emailing your MP, or attending events, you can help blow away the obstacles that stand in the way of better breathing.

Lung Health Action Plan

THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT does not have a comprehensive strategy to deal with lung health, despite the significant prevalence of Ontarians living with lung disease. We need a plan.

Position statements

WE’RE COMMITTED to helping all Ontarians breathe. Learn about our positions on a number of hot breathing issues.

Our successes

MORE THAN 2.8 MILLION Ontarians currently struggle to breathe. Through our advocacy efforts we have had some tremendous success in protecting their breath – and yours, too.

Take action

WE PRIDE OURSELVES on being the #1 advocate for your right to breathe. However, our successes are bigger and our voice is stronger with supporters like you behind us. Reach out!

Youth advocacy

YOUNG PEOPLE IGNITE CHANGE. They are the ones who question the status quo and imagine how things could be done differently. We’re working to engage these powerful youth around the important issue of tobacco use.