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PANTING WITH EXCITEMENT. We are doers and dreamers. We are family and friends. We embrace the challenge of better breathing and can’t wait to roll up our sleeves. But we need your help. We’re always looking for like-minded people to join our movement. People who will campaign with us, partner with us, play with us and make a difference with us. Take a look at some of the interesting ways you can get involved.

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IT’S TIME TO BUILD on over a century of progress – we need your support before Canadians run out of breath.

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BREATHING IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS. True, our goals are bold and ambitious. But we also believe that we have a lot of good company. Or, perhaps we should say, companies.

Attend an event - or start your own

WE’LL BLOW YOU AWAY. Our amazing supporters spike volleyballs, hit golf balls, watch baseball, and just generally have a ball to raise money for The Lung Association and the game-changing work we do.


TOGETHER WE’LL HUFF AND PUFF… If we want to see a world where everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs, we need to gather an unstoppable force of determined advocates.

See your dollars at work

BROWSE OUR RECENT ANNUAL REPORT. As we look back on our work in 2016, you’ll see that The Lung Association – Ontario has been working hard to address and shine a spotlight on the issue of breathing.


LEND US YOUR LUNGS (AND HANDS). There are endless ways to get involved, build new skills and join a cause that’s close to your heart (and lungs). Are you in?

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Lung disease/condition patient survey.