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Engaging Youth With Health

Meaningful Youth Engagement e-module

What is youth engagement, and what can it teach us about the power of young people? This e-module provides an overview of key youth engagement terms, research and philosophies. We’ll also explore practical applications of youth engagement concepts.

WHO IT’S FOR: People who work with youth.

OUTCOME: This training provides an overview of: key youth engagement terms, research and philosophies, and practical application of youth engagement concepts.

TIME: 45 minutes

Tool Kits

Take your knowledge even further by turning it into action with specialized tools from The Lung Association. For this topic, we recommend:

Youth Engagement Action Tools.  This download includes tools for:

  • Understanding key engagement principles during key stages – recruitment, training, recognition and retention;
  • Assessing how ready your organization is to meaningfully engage with youth; and
  • Planning projects and events.

Icebreakers and More manual. This download includes ideas for:

  • 40+ simple, great-for-all-ages activities to help get your team comfortable, focused and energized. Use these ideas anywhere, from the boardroom to the classroom.

Talking About… Series. Ready to lead your own group on topics such as vaping and cannabis? Download these activity guides.

Bring Youth Engagement to Your Workplace

This presentation is intended for individuals/organizations who work with youth. It gives an overview of the foundational concepts of youth engagement and why it is so important to meaningfully apply these concepts in everyday practice. Feel free to download and use it at your next staff or board meeting to really sell the benefits of youth engagement!