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Cannabis Research

Breaking down barriers through crucial cannabis research

A major gap was revealed when cannabis became legal in Canada: the lack of scientific research about how using it affects your health.

The Lung Association – Ontario has joined forces with an industry partner to fill that gap by funding a research program that investigates various health impacts of cannabis use – whether used recreationally or as a medical option for chronic disease pain management and treatment. It’s another way we’re using research and innovation to protect your breath.

Why cannabis research?

The results of these projects will ensure there is a larger evidence-base to pull from when educating the public and healthcare providers about the impact of cannabis use on lung health.

How will the research be driven?

The research funded as a result of this collaboration will be driven by The Lung Association in partnership with Tetra Bio-Pharma. It will be fully peer reviewed and administered in a completely arms-length manner from the Funder.

Meet the cannabis research award recipients that are making Canada a safer place to breathe

Our three new research investigations are:

Jeremy Hirota

Dr. Jeremy Hirota from McMaster University will be determining if smoking cannabis increases your risk of viral respiratory tract infections. “Cannabis is a very polarizing topic, but as scientists we should approach things with data, with experiments to test hypotheses, and then based on the data make an informed decision.”

Dr. Tetyana Kendzerska from The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa will be filling the knowledge gap on the effects of recreational cannabis on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). “There is currently no information available on which to advise people with OSA about the effects of the recreational cannabis they are now able to legally access. This study will begin to fill that knowledge gap, provide insights about potential mechanisms of action and set the ground for larger trials.”

Dr. Nicholas Vozoris from St. Michael’s Hospital at Unity Health will be examining if smoking cannabis affects breathing tests, and if doctors should be using these tests when seeing patients with lung troubles who smoke cannabis. “There is presently a lot of confusion about whether long-term marijuana smoking negatively affects breathing tests. The results of this research will hopefully make more clear to Canadians…”