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Apply for a Grant or Fellowship

OTS Research Grants and Awards

The OTS Research Advisory Committee annually allocates grant-in-aid (GIA) funds to individual researchers in support of research in topics related to respiratory medicine in Ontario. These are funded annually by the OLA from its fund raising programs. Please visit the OTS Research Program website for more information on the GIA and OLA/Pfizer competition.

The RAC co-ordinates all research activities and provides regular updates on the results of OTS-sponsored research to all Society members and to all members of the OLA.

The OLA is proud of the class of academic excellence currently being supported in Ontario and will strive to carry forward this high level of excellence. Click on the appropriate link to the right to review the research funded by the Ontario Lung Association.

The 2018-2019 Grant-In-Aid competition is now open.

To qualify for funding, candidates are asked to complete two (2) steps:

1. Register here by Friday, November 17, 2017.

You are required to provide the names of the PI and co-applicants, institution, identify the type of research (clinical or basic science), the project title, keywords, and a maximum 1 page abstract of your research project.

2. Submit electronic application no later than 4:30 p.m. (PST) on Friday, December 8, 2017:

Upload one (1) complete application with all the supporting documentation (PDF) here.

Competition Documents: The application form and competition guidelines are available at

Competition results will be communicated to applicants in July 2018.

ORCS Research Grant Guidelines and Application

The objective of this fund is to promote research regarding any field of acute or chronic lung disease. Research may include investigation of any phenomenon pertinent to illness assessment, management, or response of the individual with a respiratory condition. Research may also be aimed at health promotion, education and prevention issues. Studies may use quantitative or qualitative methodologies.

The Lung Association – Ontario is committed to supporting the best respiratory research in Ontario. Established focus areas include:

  • Asthma
  • Air Quality
  • Smoking-related lung disease

Projects in these areas are encouraged. However, the primary criterion for the awarding of research grants shall be the excellence of the research proposal.

Guidelines for ORCS Research Grants (PDF)
ORCS Application Form for Research Grants (Word)

Deadline for applications is February 1.

ORCS Fellowship Awards Guidelines and Application

The objective of the ORCS Fellowship Awards is to permit health-care professionals who are members of the ORCS to pursue graduate study so that they may be better able to contribute to the field of respiratory illness, health care and education. The program should show evidence of a plan to foster theory, research and either a clinical or functional area of specialization.

Studies may include research-related basic, applied or clinical study using quantitative or qualitative methodologies.

Guidelines for ORCS Fellowship Award Applications (PDF)
ORCS Application Form for Fellowship Awards (Word)

Deadline for applications is February 1.