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A woman takes a breath outdoors

THE NOT-SO-GREAT OUTDOORS. Here is the real dirt on the atmosphere. When we breathe in the filth spewed from automobile exhaust pipes, belched from smokestacks or unleashed by forest fires, the particulates lodge deep inside our lungs and can cause all sorts of critical breathing issues. Outdoor air pollution triggers asthma episodes, sends people to hospitals, affects how kids’ lungs develop and can even be deadly. Learn about different pollutants and how they can be cleaned up so we can all breathe easier.


As we move into the hot and hazy days of summer, air pollution becomes a concern for everyone who breathes. Air quality is of even more importance for those living with lung disease and those who work or exercise outdoors.


Air quality, both indoors and outdoors, affects everyone and their breathing. This is especially the case for people with existing lung conditions. Become familiar with the different risks air quality can pose that can impact you and your family.