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Alternatives to smoking cannabis

What are alternatives to smoking?

Alternatives to smoking includes forms of using cannabis that do not require burning or combustion. These may include oils, edibles, drinkables, and vaping.

Cannabis Oils and Edibles

Cannabis edibles are food products that are made with either cannabis or cannabis oils. They are used as an alternative to other ways cannabis is consumed such as smoking or vaping.


Vaping is a means of breathing in cannabis through a vapourizer that heats e-liquid into an aerosol.If you do not smoke cannabis do not start vaping.

Is it safe to consume?

There is a significant chance that non-combustible cannabis (e.g. oils, edibles, drinkables) may be safer for your lungs than smoking it. However, due to the delayed effects, the potential risk for greater impairment is higher. It is important to understand how each non-combustible may affect your body and mind.

Vaping is likely less harmful for your lung health than smoking. While it may be less harmful than smoking, it is likely not harmless. More research is needed to determine whether there are longer term health impacts associated with vaping.