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Cannabis harm reduction and prevention

Harm reduction and prevention

While there is more research needed in this area, smoking of any substance has an impact on the respiratory system and should be avoided. Under no circumstances is smoking harmless to your health.

Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines provide the following recommendations:

  • Most effective way to avoid cannabis risks is to abstain from use
  • Avoid use entirely before age 16 and delay initiation until at least after adolescence
  • Use cannabis products with lower THC or high CBD:THC ratios
  • The use of synthetic products should be avoided
  • Avoid modes of consumption that involve smoking to avoid respiratory effects
  • Avoid deep inhalation which increases intake of toxic materials into pulmonary system
  • Avoid frequent and intense use
  • Refrain from driving for at least 6 hours after cannabis use
  • Populations at higher risk should avoid cannabis use entirely
  • Avoid combining risks which may amplify adverse effects