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Lady breaking a cigarette

CIGARETTES ARE A BURNING ISSUE. No surprise here: smoking is by far the most preventable cause of breathing breakdown. Tobacco use not only ups the risk of lung cancer, it leads to COPD, and contributes to the early deaths of more than 37,000 Canadians every year. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful and there’s mounting evidence that third-hand smoke—the fumes trapped in furniture, carpet and fabric—is dangerous. The Lung Association is on a mission to reduce the number of people who smoke, particularly our youth, and support individuals in their effort to quit.

Quit smoking

KISS YOUR BUTT GOODBYE. Lighting up is just about the worst thing you can do to your breathing and your body. Which is why it’s so critical for smokers–with or without symptoms of lung disease–to quit.

Cannabis (Marijuana)


Vaping (E-Cigarettes)

ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES also known as e-cigarettes or vaping devices are hand held battery-powered devices that allow users to inhale aerosol or vapor that contains nicotine or other substances.

Smoke-free environments

OUR KIDS ARE FUMING. Inhaling secondhand smoke spells trouble. Just ask the 15,000 kids in Ontario who suffer from asthma each year because they are routinely exposed to cigarette smoke in their homes, family cars …

Youth initiatives

HOW WE’RE BUTTING IN. Young people have a target on their chests when it comes to tobacco. Many believe it will make them ‘cool’ or ‘grown-up’. Some may have seen their parents or peers doing it. While others may think smoking will help them cope with stress or control their weight.

Prevention for kids

PROTECTING THE LUNGS OF THE YOUNG. Most smokers get hooked on cigarettes before they reach the ripe old age of 18. And they pay for it dearly. The evidence shows that those who start puffing early will be more severely addicted and more likely to develop irreversible and often deadly …

Smoking facts

THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF SMOKING. Learn more about what is in a cigarette and how to prevent children and youth from starting to smoke.


YOU HAVE QUESTIONS; we have videos, toolkits, leaflets, worksheets, DVDs and other valuable resources. The Lung Association provides materials free of charge to help people with breathing conditions, their families, and caregivers.