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THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING INSIDE. The average Canadian spends as much as 90 per cent of the time indoors. And yet, toxic air inside our homes, schools and workplaces tends to be swept under the carpet. Radon lurks. Scented products fill the air. Fireplaces pose a real threat to children and people with asthma, allergies or lung disease. Poor indoor air quality can even affect development in children!

Types of Pollutants

HOW HEALTHY IS THE AIR QUALITY IN YOUR HOME? The quality of the air we breathe both indoors and outdoors, play a major role in your overall lung health.


Rooms in Your Home

DRAWING ON THE EXPERTISE OF OUR IN-HOUSE EXPERTS AND SPECIALISTS, explore every room in your home to find out what could be harmful to you and your family.


Take Action

WITH CANADIANS SPENDING APPROXIMATELY 80 TO 90% OF THEIR TIME INDOORS, there are simple actions you can do to make your home a healthy home.