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Resources to Help You Breathe Better

You have questions about the air you’re breathing; we have videos, toolkits, leaflets, worksheets, DVDs and other valuable resources. The Lung Association provides materials free of charge to help people with breathing conditions, their families, and caregivers. We also have resources for healthcare professionals and other people who work in lung health. Use these free materials to show your lungs more love.

Indoor Air Quality


Your Healthy Home

This brochure outlines some key strategies on indoor air quality that can make your home a healthy home.


Air Friendly Household Products

Lists different products such as painting, hobby items and cleaning products that can be found in a home, and provides the health effects and solutions on limiting their impact on indoor air quality.


Biological Triggers

Identifies biological triggers found inside a home, their impact on health and outlines solutions on how to limit them.


Carbon Monoxide

Outlines the indoor air quality problem arising from exposure to carbon monoxide and what you can do to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning from happening.


Carpet – Old & New

Describes why carpets are an indoor air quality problem and what you can do when it comes to installing new carpet or maintaining old ones.


Combustion Pollutants

Identified sources of combustion pollutants and solutions to limiting health risks from exposure to them.


Clearing the Air of Wood Smoke

Identifies guidelines to follow when choosing a proper wood burning appliance for the home, as well as the do’s and don’ts of wood burning.



Provides an overview of where mould can be found inside a home, ways to reduce mould growth and solutions to removing mould if found indoors.


Portable Air Cleaners (Filters) and Other Devices

Provides information on portable air cleaners, what to look for when purchasing these devices, duct cleaning, indoor air testing and humidity inside a home.


Protect Your Lungs with Respiratory Masks

A summary of the various kinds of masks that are found on the market and what kinds of masks to look for when working with harmful products.




Radon – It’s Your Health

This fact sheet from Health Canada includes results from radon studies showing an increased risk of developing lung cancer from radon exposure.


Radon Reduction Guide for Canadians

This guide provides details on how to reduce radon exposure in homes, including information on testing and methods to lower radon levels.


Radon: Is it in your home

Describes what radon is, where it occurs, the health effects and how to protect oneself from long-term exposure.


Radon: Is it in your home?

Information for health-care professionals.



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