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Man cleaning indoors

BREATHING. It all depends on the air quality and the health of your lungs. Inhale. Exhale. About 22,000 times a day, we draw in oxygen from the air around us to keep our bodies running. Trouble is, our delicate lung tissue is being assaulted by air pollution, cleaning solutions, fibers, fumes, and dust. We have compiled some essential facts on the stuff you are breathing in and out of doors, how it affects your body, and what can be done about it. Try not to choke.


Is there a killer in the building? Gasp! More people die from radon gas in this country than from car accidents.

Air Quality

The not so great outdoors. Here is the real dirt on the atmosphere and outdoor air quality. When we breathe in the filth spewed from automobile exhaust pipes, belched from smokestacks or unleashed by forest fires, the particulates lodge deep inside our lungs and can cause all sorts of critical breathing issues. Learn about your local air quality.

Healthy home - healthy breath

The downside of being inside. The average Canadian spends as much as 90 percent of the time indoors. And yet, toxic air inside our homes, schools and workplaces tends to be swept under the carpet.

Resources to help you breathe better

You have questions about the air you’re breathing; we have videos, toolkits, leaflets, worksheets, DVDs and other valuable resources. The Lung Association provides materials free of charge to help people …