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The Ontario Respiratory Care Society (ORCS) is one of two professional societies of The Lung Association – Ontario. The ORCS membership includes multi-disciplinary professionals from a variety disciplines who are involved with, or interested in, respiratory care.


Improved lung health through excellence in interdisciplinary respiratory care.


Furthering excellence in the provision of interdisciplinary respiratory care through education, research, collaboration, provision of professional expertise and support for The Lung Association efforts to improve lung health.

Functions of the ORCS

  • To provide educational opportunities for respiratory health-care professionals
  • To fund research and post-graduate education in the field of respiratory care
  • To disseminate news and developments related to respiratory health and disease
  • To provide professional advice on respiratory care and educational materials to The Lung Association and interested groups

Committees and Groups

Editorial Committee
Produce an electronic publication for the Ontario Respiratory Care Society (ORCS) members; provide academic content for the publication

Respiratory Health Educators Interest Group (RHEIG)
Provide respiratory education and a half-day session at the Better Breathing Conference; provide patient education content for the ORCS publication

Membership Engagement Committee
Recruit and build membership for the Society

Education Committee
Session planning for Better Breathing Conference

Research and Fellowship Committee
Manage the funding process including application review and funding allocation

Educational Events

The Ontario Respiratory Care Society Educational Events include:

  • ORCS Seminars
  • Better Breathing Conference
  • RespTrec© Programs
  • Educational Events sponsored by other health-care associations

For more details or information on upcoming events, please see the Ontario Lung Association’s Professional Education listings here.


The ORCS manages two funding opportunities exclusively for ORCS members, the ORCS Research Award and the ORCS Fellowship Award. Many other Ontario Lung Association funding opportunities may also be of interest to our members. For more information, please visit the research pages at lungontario.ca/research.

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The former publications Update and Connections have been merged into one electronic publication, Update on Respiratory Health, Research and Education. Access new and archived issues of all three publications here.


Research Programs

Research Grants and Fellowship Awards support research and graduate study by health-care providers in the field of respiratory care.