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An Open Letter to Ontario’s Political Leaders

Jun 04, 2014

An Open Letter to Ontario’s Political Leaders:

Ms. Kathleen Wynne, Leader, Liberal Party of Ontario.
Mr. Tim Hudak, Leader, Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.
Ms. Andrea Horwath, Leader, New Democratic Party.

The message from Ontarians is loud and clear – you must make breathing a priority.

On May 7, the Ontario Lung Association invited all provincial candidates to show Lung Leadership by signing the #4LungYears Pledge, a promise that if elected they will support an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan.

I am pleased to report that many candidates from all parties have signed up to support our campaign, recognising that lung health is an issue that affects every woman, man and child in our province, not just the more than 2.4 million – one in five – who live with a serious lung disease.

And it’s now clear that the voters of Ontario feel the same way. In an new Leger survey for the Ontario Lung Association, nine out of 10 agreed that lung health should be a priority for Ontarians. Also: 

  • 83 per cent said the Ontario government should take action on lung disease; and 
  • 85 per cent said they were concerned with the rising cost of treating chronic diseases.

This clear message from the electorate is not reflected in the current election campaign. Health care was hardly mentioned in last night’s leaders’ debate; lung health was not mentioned at all. And despite the fact that your party’s candidates from across the province are signing the #4LungYears Pledge to support an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan, we have yet to hear from you.

It is time for the leaders of our main political parties to follow the example of Green Party leader Mike Schreiner. Ontario expects you to stand up and show true Lung Leadership by signing the #4LungYears pledge, supporting an Ontario Lung Health Action Plan and committing to making Ontario the healthiest province to breathe in. Because when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.™


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George Habib
President and CEO
Ontario Lung Association