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Ontario Lung Association Congratulates Dr. Arthur Slutsky, Recipient of the CIHR Researcher of the Year Award

Dec 15, 2014

Dr. Arthur Slutsky, recipient of CIHR Researcher of the Year awardToronto, ON – The Ontario Lung Association salutes Dr. Arthur S. Slutsky, whose pioneering research in pulmonary medicine has earned him the prestigious 2014 Researcher of the Year award from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

Dr. Slutsky, who is vice-president of research at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, was honoured for his outstanding efforts to advance pulmonary medicine and improve critical care practices.

He coined the term “biotrauma” to describe lung damage caused by life-saving mechanical ventilators. In the process, he helped to create a new field of medical research, conducting studies on ventilator-induced injury that ranged from basic research to clinical trials. His research continues to develop better ways of caring for patients with severe lung injury.

“Arthur Slutsky is a medical innovator whose research has had a major impact on clinical practice in Canada and around the world,” said Dr. John Granton, chair of the Ontario Lung Association. “His findings have played an important role in improving patient outcomes.”

Dr. Granton noted Dr. Slutsky’s close connection to the Ontario Lung Association through its professional society, the Ontario Thoracic Society (OTS).  He was a recipient of an OTS Grant in Aid research award in 2000-2001 and served with distinction as a member of the OTS research advisory committee for 14 years.

“Dr. Slutsky’s outstanding career embodies the fine work being done every single day by members of Canada’s respiratory research community as they seek out new and better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat lung disease,” said Dr. Granton.  “Like him, we are all passionate believers in the potential for well-funded research to help millions of Canadians breathe more easily.

“On behalf of the Ontario Lung Association, the Ontario Thoracic Society and the broader respiratory research community, I extend hearty and sincere congratulations to Art Slutsky on being named CIHR Researcher of the Year,” said Dr. Granton.


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