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Meet your new Adult Immunization Card

Dec 11, 2019

Did you know that the flu can lead to life-threatening complications like pneumonia, even in healthy adults? That’s why the Ontario Lung Association has developed a new tool that will help you protect your body against influenza, pneumococcal pneumonia, and other vaccine-preventable illnesses.

front cover of the Adult Immunization Card. A row of diverse faces with awkward, perplexed, or embarrassed expressions. Text says, "When was the last time you got carded? Protect your lungs at any age by keeping your immunizations up to date."

When was the last time you… got carded?

Ontario’s iconic yellow immunization cards have helped families keep track of childhood vaccinations for decades. But it’s not just kids who need protection!

Our new Adult Immunization Card will help you keep track of more than a dozen vaccines, including the lung-protecting seasonal flu vaccine (recommended for all Ontarians aged 6 months and older) and the pneumonia vaccine (recommended for those at high pneumonia risk and adults aged 65 years and older).

Your healthcare provider can help you fill the card in, and you’ll breathe a little easier knowing that you have reduced your risk of getting sick.  Ready to take charge of your health? Download your own Adult Immunization Card.