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National Volunteer Week – April 12-18

Apr 13, 2015

We Couldn’t Do What We Do Without Our Amazing Volunteers

Ontario Lung Association volunteers make important contributions to almost every aspect of our work – from the lung health experts who help to develop our programs and services to the people who open and answer letters from donors to those who work on our various fundraising initiatives.

That’s why we look forward to National Volunteer Week – a special opportunity to express our gratitude to the extraordinary individuals who give their time, their expertise and their passion to our mission of improving lung health for all Ontarians.

Our volunteers range in age from teenagers to seniors and come from every part of the province. They are students, office workers, doctors, farmers, business executives, construction workers, lawyers, retired people – you name it.

What all these diverse individuals have in common is their shared commitment to community service and their vision of a future when every Ontarian can breathe easily and freely.

Here are some of the ways our volunteers are making a difference to lung health in Ontario:

  • Members of the Ontario Thoracic Society and the Ontario Respiratory Care Society who ensure that our programs and services reflect current best practice. In addition to serving on committees, advising and contributing to the development of our respiratory health programs and materials, they help with regional professional education and public awareness events and are also involved in grassroots advocacy. Their commitment to lung health extends well beyond their professional interests and is evident in their charitable support.
  • Lung Health Ambassadors, most of whom live with lung disease, who have helped to build a network of support groups across the province, providing information, camaraderie and care to others diagnosed with lung disease and their families.
  • Hundreds of people throughout the province who help with our many community fund-raising events such as the Festival of Trees, Stratford Garden Festival and Tulip Day.
  • Lung Health Champions who share their personal stories to help change government policies and programs.
  • Youth advocates who spread important messages related to tobacco and other health issues to young people across Ontario.
  • The people who do the essential work of ensuring that donation letters are acknowledged promptly.
  • Event and campaign sponsors, not only for their financial support but also because their staff become engaged as key volunteers in our events and activities.
  • Members of our Board of Directors and committees, who give their time to the task of governing and guiding the organization to success.

As a charity, the Ontario Lung Association has a strong commitment to fiscal responsibility. It is inconceivable that we could deliver our many programs and services – and raise the funds to support them and critical lung health research – without the enormous contributions of our volunteers.

At the start of National Volunteer Week, we speak on behalf of the 2.4 million Ontarians living with lung disease when we celebrate the amazing volunteers of the Ontario Lung Association.