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ASK A GEEK: Short-term benefits of quitting smoking

Jan 22, 2019

Dear BreathingGeek,
You gotta give me some good news. It’s been four days since my last cigarette and I’m struggling to see the positives right now. It’s going to be worth it, right?
– Struggling in Sarnia

Dear SiS,

You got this. No, seriously. You CAN quit – you’ve got a whole organization standing behind you here. Let that sink in.

Bill Murray from Caddyshack. "So I got that going for me, Which is nice."
Act all aloof if ya want, but research shows that support matters when it comes to smoking cessation.
Now for that good news you ordered:
  • Your health started improving 20 minutes (!) after your last cigarette. Yup. Your heart rate and blood pressure dropped.
  • 8 hours after your last cigarette, your body’s carbon monoxide level dropped and your oxygen went back to its normal level. Ka-ching!
  • By 2 days post-cigarette, your chances of having a heart attack have already started to drop and your senses of taste and smell are getting stronger. BOOM.

And that’s not all, SiS. By one year from today, you’ll be a heck of a lot richer (smoking is expensive!) AND your risk of a smoking-related heart attack will have been cut in HALF.

You can click here to read up on some other health benefits waiting for you in your new smoke-free life.

Okay, so that’s one year from now. What about today? Luckily we BreathingGeeks have just the resource for guiding you through your Journey 2 Quit. Now get out there and live your best (smoke-free) life.


Live long and prosper,


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