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The deep and lasting change that Ontarians so desperately need requires significant policy change via the work of health advocates to put into place the programs, protocols and laws required to protect the breathing of all Ontarians.

Thankfully, as a health advocate, The Lung Association has a solid foundation of strength from which to build on in this area. From improving protocols through the ER asthma care pathway, to protecting the lungs of kids through our work on smoke-free cars for children, to the phasing out of Ontario’s coal-fired plants, to improving access o medications and treatments, to protecting children with asthma through Ryan’s Law and to the passing of the Lung Health Act and the establishment of The Ontario Lung Health Advisory Council.

As a health advocate we will always be striving for your right to breathe better.

Bill 71

For the past 10 years, The Lung Association and its partners have been calling on the Government of Ontario to establish a Lung Health Action Plan in order to properly and effectively address lung disease in the province.


Breathing Policy Forums

The Lung Association developed a series of Breathing Policy Forums with the goal of tackling some of the most urgent and pressing issues facing healthcare today by bringing together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to develop creative and actionable solutions that will improve the healthcare system in Ontario.


The Lung Health Advisory Council

The Lung Health Advisory Council will be dedicated to providing provincially-based advice and recommendations on lung health to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care to make improvements in lung health awareness, diagnosis, treatment and care.