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Choosing Wisely Canada

“Choosing Wisely Canada is a campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests and treatments, and make smart and effective care choices”.

The site provides links to lists, usually less than 10 items long, of things that clinicians and patients should question, in more than 40 diseases or clinical situations, including the CTS recommendations described in the article summarized in this edition of Update on Respiratory Health, Research & Education.  Since, according to that CTS article, physicians’ decisions are responsible for 80 per cent of health-care expenditures, the site’s information is geared largely to physicians.  However, it includes valuable information for conversations between patients and all members of the health-care team.  While only a small proportion is directly applicable to respiratory practice, the multiple co-morbidities that affect our patients means that many other items will be of interest or assistance.

A few of examples of relevant co-morbidity information are:

  • ‘Don’t use oxygen to treat non-hypoxic dyspnea’ from the ‘palliative care’ list
  • A link to the ‘Antibiotic Wisely’ campaign, found in several sections including the ‘nursing’ section.
  • Patient-oriented handouts, such as ‘Common tests, treatments and Procedures You May Think You Need: Let’s think again’ found in several sections, including the ‘nurse practitioner’ section.

The site also provides a link to “Perspectives: A digital magazine exploring the unnecessary care phenomenon and what people are doing about it.” In the ‘Around the World’ section a variety of information can be found from Australia, including videos such as “How would you feel if your doctor said ‘it’s best to do nothing?” and “If a doctor recommends a test or procedure, would you ask them about risk?”

Access this website at

The Respiratory Health Education Interest Group (RHEIG) is a multi-disciplinary group of ORCS members who promote and advance the field of respiratory education, with a specific interest in applying theory in a practical way.

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