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COPD Resources

Managing COPD

Fact sheet on how to generally manage COPD including an action plan.


COPD Materials Order Form



COPD Breathlessness

Managing breathlessness with COPD.


COPD Brochure

What is COPD, toll-free helpline numbers, website, and other useful information.


COPD Energy Management

Managing energy with COPD.


COPD Pulmonary Rehabilitation

How a pulmonary rehabilitation program can help in the management of COPD.


Should I exercise with COPD?

Basic warm up and stretching exercises that can be done for improving the physical activity of someone with COPD.


COPD Plan Guide

Easy-to-understand 41-page guide filled with information to help slow the progression of COPD, relieve symptoms, and manage the disease. Features the PRIME preventative maintenance program.


COPD Flare-ups

Explains the signs and symptoms of a flare-up (lung attack), how to prevent them from occurring and what to do if you experience one.


How to Start a Lung Health Support Group

An information booklet to help Team Leaders, Lung Health Ambassadors, or anyone else interested in developing a lung health support group in their community.


Lung Health Check Poster

Includes a series of questions so that people can check their lung health.


Medications for COPD

Explains the various medications used for COPD and proper techniques to use them, as well as the categories of these medications.


Oxygen and COPD

Various types of oxygen delivery and equipment, as well as tips on using them safely.