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Questions to ask your healthcare provider

Getting the most out of your visit with your healthcare provider

  • Write down your concerns or questions before your appointment
    • Discuss your level of physical activity and whether it is affected by your asthma symptoms
    • Report how frequently you use your reliever inhaler and if this is decreasing or increasing
    • Report how frequently you experience asthma symptoms and if they wake you up at night
    • Bring your medications with you
    • Take notes to remember what you discussed

How can I manage my asthma?

You and your healthcare provider should develop an Asthma Action Plan, which gives specific instructions about what medications to take, when to take them and how to adjust them if your asthma gets out of control. It also provides guidance on when to call your healthcare provider or go to the emergency room. Order or download an Asthma Action Plan and fill it out with your healthcare provider.

Am I using my medication correctly?

For you to gain the most benefit and prevent an asthma flare-up, it is important to take your asthma medication exactly as it was prescribed. Learn how to use your inhalers properly. Go over inhaler technique at every visit with your healthcare provider.

To view videos on how to use your inhaler(s), go to

How do I reduce my asthma triggers?

Triggers are allergens or irritants that can cause your asthma symptoms. Each person has their own set of triggers. Keeping an asthma symptom diary can help you to learn what triggers your asthma.

Could my home or workplace be making me sick?

Keep track of where you may be experiencing symptoms. Is there something in your home or workplace that may be causing your asthma symptoms to worsen? Controlling environmental triggers are helpful in managing your asthma. Learn more about workplace asthma and higher risk occupational fields.

What other steps can I take to improve my asthma?

Regular exercise is always an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you manage your asthma well, you should be able to exercise. If you have difficulty exercising, there are steps you can take to lessen the symptoms.  Stay up to date on immunizations, get the flu shot and avoid irritants such as cigarette smoke or air pollution. Your healthcare provider can help you think of other steps to take to maintain a good quality of life while living with asthma. Get more information on our Asthma Action Resources page.