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PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA can lead full, active lives! Browse back issues of our classic bimonthly newsletter Spotlight on Asthma for tips on managing your asthma during times of work, play, travel, and more.

Extreme heat alert mapJune 2017

The Air Quality Health Index
Extreme Heat Alerts
Flooding and Mould
Thunderstorms and Asthma

SuitcaseApril 2017

Asthma and Travel
World Asthma Day 2017
Free Webinar – World Asthma Day
How many trees can you plan this year?

woman jogger out of breathMarch 2017

Exercise and Asthma
Biologics for Treating Asthma
Obesity and Asthma
Did you test for radon this winter?

Venn diagram of asthma and copdJanuary 2017

Asthma-COPD Overlap Syndrome
New Year’s Resolution – with a twist
Benefits of Using an Asthma Diary
New Peanut Allergy Guidelines

Boy in winter gearNovember 2016

Managing Asthma in the Winter Season
Protecting Our Communities: Why everyone should get the flu shot
How is Asthma Diagnosed?
Risk Factors for Developing Asthma?

September 2016

September Spikes in Asthma Attacks
Preventing Pneumonia with the Flu Shot
Journey Towards Healthy Nail Salons for Workers
Mould in Your Home

Lakeside cottageJune 2016

Asthma Never Takes a Holiday
Seasonal Allergens
Clean-Air Day
Follow-up Asthma Visits

World Asthma Day 2016April 2016

World Asthma Day: Painting the Town Blue
Important Tips on Using Your Inhalers
Spring Tips
Managing Severe Asthma

Air cleanerMarch 2016

Asthma and Air Cleaners
Environmental Allergens in School Settings
Electronic Cigarettes
The How To Health Guide – 2016 Edition

Female breaking a cigaretteJanuary 2016

National Non-Smoking Week
Asthma Control Check
Drifting Smoke Not Just a Nuisance
Double Threat – Radon and Smoking