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Tobacco & Wood Smoke

Tobacco smoke

Smoking tobacco indoors can exposure you to high levels of smoke. Exposure to smoke can:

  • Trigger asthma symptoms which can be severe
  • Increase the amount of asthma medication you need to take
  • Lead to more trips to your health-care provider, emergency department, and hospital

Do not allow smoking in your home or vehicle. The smoke from even one cigarette will eventually reach all areas of your home and can linger for a very long time.

Wood smoke

Smoke from wood fireplaces and wood stoves contains:

  • Particulate matter
  • Sulphur oxides
  • Nitrogen oxides
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Benzene

If possible, replace wood stoves with other sources of heat. Wood burning appliances with advanced technology can reduce your exposure to smoke. Only burn clean, dry wood.

For more information refer to A Guide to Residential Wood Heating.


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