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Asthma FAQs

How did I get asthma?

How does my doctor know if I have asthma?

Why does asthma make it hard for me to breathe sometimes?

Will I ever outgrow my asthma?

Why do we use inhalers for asthma?

What’s the best medicine for asthma?

Are my asthma medicines safe for me?

How do I know if my asthma inhaler is empty?

If I’m feeling great, why do I need to keep taking my asthma medicines?

Do I need to stay away from sports and exercise if I have asthma?

Every winter I get colds that make my asthma worse. How do I stop getting colds?

I am allergic to pollen. I know pollen comes from trees and plants, but what is it?

Are there any dogs or cats that are okay for people who have asthma?

Are there any foods that cause asthma symptoms?

Where are the best places to live with asthma?

Can I live without my asthma medications?

How will pregnancy affect my asthma?

I have asthma, so will my child have asthma?

Are there any asthma breathing exercises that can help my asthma control?

I have more questions about asthma. Where can I get answers?