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RESPTREC® (Respiratory Training and Educator Course) provides health care professionals with training in Asthma, COPD, Spirometry and Education for Chronic Disease.  The courses are designed for those who wish to pursue their Certified Respiratory Educator designation. They are offered as separate standalone two-day modules, and can be completed in any order based on what is relevant to the learner.

The Education module remains the foundation for learning how to engage patients in self-management. Learners will acquire the skills to apply educational theory to practice. The Asthma and COPD modules are disease-specific courses based upon the most recent evidence-based published guidelines and references for disease management.  The Spirometry module is a one-day course that focuses on the skills and knowledge required to conduct quality spirometry based upon the most recent guidelines.

Program content is based on the most recent Canadian evidence-based guidelines.For more information, please visit www.resptrec.org.