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The Lung Association would like to thank the following experts for their contribution to the development of this section:Dr. Susan M Tarlo, Dr. Samir Gupta and Dr. Marcos Ribeiro, respirologists; Dr. Gary Liss, occupational medicine specialist; Prof. Mark Chignell and Dr. Anthony Levinson, experts in web-based education and web design; and Ms. Shadi Ghajar-Khosravi, Master’s student.

What is the goal of this section?

The goal of this section is to enable young adults with asthma to understand the possible effects of workplaces on their asthma, to know how to minimize the risk of asthma worsening and steps to take if their asthma does worsen as a result of work.

Who are the intended audience?

The intended audience is primarily young adults with asthma who are planning to enter the workforce or who have started their working life. However it also can be useful to older workers with asthma and to workers who have developed asthma while working.


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