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November 11, 2019

The Ontario Lung Association’s Flu Forecast
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November 6, 2019

How can we encourage more Canadians to protect themselves against breathing breakdowns from the flu?
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October 31, 2019

Is there a killer in the house? GASP!
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October 28, 2019

Un nouveau rapport souligne les lacunes dans les connaissances sur la MPOC – une maladie qui touche un million de Canadiens sans même qu’ils ne le sachent
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From the moment we enter the world, the urge to breathe is the most compelling drive we share.

The Lung Association is dedicated to helping all Canadians breathe.

Our community of donors, patients, researchers, volunteers and professional staff are dedicated to ensuring Canadians have the healthy lungs, body, and clean air, which are vital to healthy breathing.

We want to ensure no one takes their breathing for granted, and strive for better breathing for all.

Get informed.

Manage your health.

Find support.

Helping Canadians To Breathe

Graphic showing 5 in 5 canadians need to breathe

Whether it’s a premature baby fighting for air, a lung cancer patient undergoing treatment, or a teenager praying for a new set of lungs, all of us share responsibility to do something about the state of our nation’s breathing. Help us breathe life into our future.

Graphic saying lung disease will grow by 50% in one generation


We promote healthy breathing by fighting for policies that protect our air and educate Canadians about what they can do to promote their own lung health.


We support and advocate for those living with conditions that affect the lungs and the ability to breathe, and fight to challenge the stigma and ignorance that can be associated with lung disease.


Through education and research, we work to turn knowledge in to action and find cures to diseases that will deliver a future of better breathing for all.